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Digital BSS

Communications business is continuously evolving to 'compete' as well as 'partner' with the Non-Telco world. Right from Customer Engagement to Backend Business Processes, every aspect is looked at, from the lens of Automation and AI. Digital Transformation is in play for many types of Telcos, some who are moving away from being just a Communications services provider to a Digital Services Provider offering bundled OTT B2C & B2B subscriptions, and to others who are entering into the world of enabling Smart City and IOT businesses

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Our Big Data Analytics offering has been designed to empower CSPs to derive the maximum value from the incumbent data.MAGIK suite is an advanced Customer Value Management (CVM) platform that enables simplified, real-time, contextual & personalized engagements with customers. The Big Data enabled CVM application suite combines extensive Data Analytics, Audience Management and Multi-Channel Marketing capabilities to contextually engage existing & prospective customers over Traditional Telecom channels, Social & OTT channels as well as 3rd party Websites & Apps through Digital Advertising ecosystem

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Digital Financial Services

Aureus Fintech Suite has a comprehensive product portfolio designed & developed using industry leading technologies which unlocks new revenue opportunities for Telecom Operators, Financial Institutions, Banks, Merchants, Enterprises and empowers their customers to handle payments digitally anytime & anywhere. Centered around the Digital Wallet, an array of use-cases like Digital Self-Onboarding, Agency Banking, Transfers, Merchant Payments, Personal Financial Management, Shared Wallet, Utility Payments, Micro Loans, Micro Savings, International Remittance and many more

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Sales and Distribution

Automation of the Sales & Distribution ecosystem is one of the key transformation initiatives being undertaken by Telecom Operators around the world for. Ventas is an integrated Sales & Distribution Platform which brings together the key capabilities of Distributor Management, Inventory Management, Point of Sale, Commissions Managements, advanced Data Visualisation & BI, Field Force Management & knowledge Management. Platform is based on Cloud Native Architecture and consists of a bunch of microservices which ensures feature level scalability, flexibility for feature evolution and easy integration with Operator’s existing application landscape

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VAS Consolidation

Lynx aggregates various VAS enabler applications into a single, fully optimised stack providing unified integrations into CSP’s core network and IT applications for real-time traffic, charging & billing, customer care, reporting and operations management. It empowers the CSPs to undertake service innovation by opening up their network resources through a SCE and a set of secure and standards-based processes and functions.

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Internet of Things

Infiniti enables you to deploy an independent stack to rollout the M2M line of business with effective reuse of your Telco OSS and BSS infrastructure. CMP enables an advanced framework to handle Global Enterprises in the M2M space seamlessly to make the most of your Telecom and Roaming Infra with the added value of the M2M Connection & Device Management. Advanced Automation enables 24x7 monitoring of the assets and their behavior to keep the ‘costs incurred by’ and ‘service uptime’ of the Connected Things under check for the Enterprises.

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Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Telecom technology is changing rapidly all across Access, Transport, Signalling and Payloads. With the fast advent of LTE and 5G technologies, not only the payload but also the core networks signalling protocols are moving to pure IP. This automatically warrants a lot of investment from the telco to rapidly upgrade their legacy systems to catch up with this technology change. Our network solutions suite brings to the table carrier grade solutions to bridge this gap in the most cost effective and scalable manner.

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Brings together Digital Experience & Commerce capability enabling Enterprises to create delightful shopping experiences for their customers through e-Shops and Marketplaces which also brings the seller community to showcase their products. The Platform is powered by industry leading Software Technologies and applications and enables sellers to offer various Physical, Logical & Virtual products and services to customers with support for extensive set of e- Commerce user journeys across Product Discovery, Shortlist, Add to Cart, Order, Review and more.

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Products & Solutions

Value Propositions


Digital Customer Experience

  • Pre-built Omni channel User Journeys
  • Self Service from zero touch onboarding of Enterprise & Retail customers
  • Contextual Recommendation

Business and Revenue Advantage

  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • eCommerce & Marketplace
  • Retail & B2B Products, Offers and Partners (OTT & API)

Technology of Future

  • AI driven Everything
  • Ready for 5G
  • Cloud Native Architecture & ndustry Standardized Stack

Speed to Market

  • Agile based delivery
  • CI/CD for non-stop boundaryless releases
  • Reduced Time-To-Market with Advanced GUI & Automated Workflows

15000 +


120 + +

Growing clientele
Projects in

68 + +


6 a


2.5+ +

Billion Subscribers
Catering to

300+ +

Enterprises & Financial Institutions

1 Mn+

Devices Managed

15000 Tps TPS

largest omni channel deployment


In Focus

Win Phyo Thein

(Vice President, VAS - Myanmar)
shares his insights about our journey to drive seamless operations

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Jonathan Compaore

We have been delighted to work with 6D. Apart from the very complete and diverse set of services and products that 6D offers, we have truly been impressed by the ability of its people to put themselves in our shoes and understand both our market and our operations. By doing so, 6D has been able to show us how their products and services not only are relevant for our current use cases but also can evolve to meet future needs. Using 6D solutions, we are confident that we can create immediate value for our business and, at the same time, be ready for future use cases considering how fast our market is moving. We think of 6Dee as partner of choice for digitizing our operations and leveraging technology to create value for our business.” -- Telecel Faso – Mr. Jonathan COMPAORE - Head of Corporate Strategy & Development

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Our Journey with Globe Telecom Philippines (GOMO) with our Digital Enablement solution

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Bhutan - digital empowering

6D collaborates with Tashicell in Bhutan for Digital Mobile Financial Solutions to empower the subscribers with digital economy


6D is proud be part of this digital journey with MPWR (
#IniKekuatanKita untuk Unjuk PWR!

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Manish Arora

Subscriber expectations are changing. How MNO can balance during this transition by our CMO

Leader Speaks Video

Nikhil Paul

Five by Five communication rule by our CIO

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Ooredoo Awards Contract to OHI 6D Technologies for Distribution Management System

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Telkomsel By.U

6D celebrates with Telkomsel as by.U Indonesia completes 365 days of being the first all-digital service provider

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6D Technologies has been recognized as one of the #INNOVATORS for its #SMSFirewall solution by Markets & Markets, in their latest report "SMS FIREWALL MARKET – GLOBAL FORECAST TO 2025"

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